Panera Bread Opens for Business

The long-awaited Panera Bread has officially opened at Susquehanna Union Green.

A mouth-watering array of fresh-baked pastries and breads filled the shelves and display counter on opening day. It comes as no surprise for a brand well-known for its large, gotta-try-it-all menu, that this bakery-cafe has a large kitchen. It was buzzing with a busy staff of bakers, cooks, and managers.

To the front of the handsome building is a landscaped dining terrace, where seating will surely be a hot commodity come spring. To the back is a drive-thru, a key element of Panera’s successful online pre-ordering service.

Panera Bread’s handsome building has a landscaped dining terrace at the front and a drive-thru window at the back.
Cozy upholstered booths and rustic millwork give a stunning contrast to the dramatic, double-height space.

The interior of the shop is visually stunning. Cozy upholstered booths and rustic millwork contrast with the dramatic, double-height space and architectural lighting.

The bakery-cafe is located conveniently off Linglestown Road, and is now open for dine-in, drive-thru, and pick-up for breakfast through dinner.

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