About Us

Susquehanna Union Green is a pedestrian-oriented town center and Traditional Neighborhood Development. It was envisioned to create a community focal point for Susquehanna Township, with a mix of public greens, commercial/retail spaces, a grocery, hotel, and homes and apartments.


A Nod to History

The earliest known records indicate that the property was named “Union Green” after its initial conveyance by the proprietors of the Commonwealth. To honor this legacy and the history of Susquehanna Township, the historical name has been revived for the new community.

A Collaborative Approach

Community dialogue has driven the planning process for Susquehanna Union Green. The development team, municipal leadership, and members of the community collaborated to create a master plan that expresses the values of the community and establishes a sense of place.

The result is a master plan with over 19 acres of green space (one-third of the overall site); 17 neighborhood commercial/retail buildings totaling 150,000 square feet; a hotel with 110 rooms; a senior-living community; 40 single-family homes; and 120 luxury apartment residences.

In 2018, Susquehanna Township unanimously approved the master plan. Groundbreaking took place in 2019 and the development officially opened to the public in December 2021. It continues with active build-out in all phases.

Vartan Group, Inc. is the developer. Landmark Commercial Realty is the sales and leasing agency.