Ribbon Cutting on Public Road Improvements

At a ribbon-cutting ceremony today, the Dauphin County Commissioners and Vartan Group, Inc. announced the completion of public road improvements for Susquehanna Union Green.

The work immediately improves traffic patterns in two busy and vital corridors – Linglestown Road (Route 39) and North Progress Avenue (Route 3015) – and supports the dynamic growth of Susquehanna Township.

The public road improvements were funded by a $5.8 million, low-interest loan from the Dauphin County Infrastructure Bank, and planned and executed in conjunction with the development of Susquehanna Union Green. As a result of this cooperative effort, the public roads are cohesive with the streetscapes and infrastructure of the new town center development.

Construction work commenced in April 2021 and was performed in phases. The final phase was completed in October 2023.

“Projects like this contribute greatly to the overall quality of life in Dauphin County. This area is not only easily navigable for motorists and bicyclists, but also quite walkable for pedestrians,” Commissioners Chairman Mike Pries said. “It is exciting to see Susquehanna Union Green come together for generations to come.”

“The successful execution of this project is a testament to the leadership and vision of Dauphin County, led by the Board of Commissioners,” said H. Ralph Vartan, Chief Executive Officer of the Vartan Group. “The support of the Dauphin County Infrastructure Bank directly made possible the essential infrastructure upgrades for Susquehanna Union Green and our neighboring communities.”

About the project

The public road improvements for Susquehanna Union Green consist of multiple components:

  • The addition of an eastbound lane on Linglestown Road between North Progress Avenue and Sturbridge Drive;
  • The addition of multiple lanes on North Progress Avenue between Linglestown Road and Garrison Avenue;
  • The addition of a westbound turning lane at the intersection of North Progress Avenue and Paxton Church Road;
  • A new traffic signal and four-way intersection at North Progress Avenue and Garrison Avenue;
  • Additional new traffic signals at existing intersections with state-of-the-art controls and timing optimization;
  • New access drives with highway occupancy permits for Susquehanna Union Green;
  • Extra right-of-way for bike lanes and future connectivity;
  • Durable, thermoplastic crosswalks to enhance the public streetscape, safety, and aesthetic appeal;
  • Accessibility improvements including pedestrian crossing signals and ADA curb ramps; and
  • Replacement of aging utility infrastructure, including asbestos-lined pipe.

The work was contracted and executed by the Vartan Group. All work was subject to public bid requirements, was performed by local contractors and subcontractors, and was observed by full-time independent inspectors.

About the Dauphin County Infrastructure Bank (DCIB)

Created in 2013, the Dauphin County Infrastructure Bank (DCIB) was the first of its kind in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The DCIB offers low-interest revolving loans to municipalities or private companies that can be used only for transportation-related projects. Initially funded with $1 million of surplus liquid fuels money, it has grown into a loan fund of $30 million with a track record of 27 successful projects all throughout Dauphin County. The program has been expanded to include other revenue streams and infrastructure types.

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